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The following are all of my wife, Kelly’s, Facebook posts from my accident.

November 15, 2009

I am asking for everyone to please pray for Jeremy right now. For those of you that don’t know, he had an accident tonight with his rifle. He shot himself in the elbow area. He is doing ok. We are headed to KU medical right now where the surgeons are waiting to work on him. Please spread the word and pray! Pray! Pray! We are not sure if they are going to be able to save his arm from the elbow down. Thank you all!

November 16, 2009

Update on Jeremy: made it thru round one of surgery. In ICU @ KU. He is stable but in a lot of pain. Surgery lasted around 5 hours. Please KEEP THE PRAYERS coming! That is his only request right now. We know that God is in complete control!

I just want to personally thank each and every one of you for all of your kind words and prayers. The next 48 hours are going to be big decision making hours. We need everyone down on their knees giving it your all to our Almighty Healer and Lord! We are blessed beyond words to have each one of you in our lives!

November 17, 2009

Update: Jeremy is scheduled to go back into the OR tomorrow around 4:30. They are going to re-open the wound and tell us where we go from here. This is the BIG turning point. My prayer is that HE has been healing and repairing Jeremy's arm in the last 24 hours, enough that his arm will be reconstruct able. Thank you to everyone praying and encouraging us thru this!!!!!

Update: Jeremy is in surgery. P.L.E.A.S.E stop what you are doing and pray for him and the outcome.

November 18, 2009

Update: MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING ALL AROUND US!!!! PRAYERS ARE BEING ANSWERED! We have a plan that involves SAVING JEREMY'S ARM!! PRAISE THE LORD!! Please pray now to keep the infection away, we are NOT out of the woods, just one small step in the right direction. Surgery #3 is tentatively planned for Thursday. KEEP PRAYING!!!!!!! Thank you to ALL who are!!

Update: Jeremy is stable. Currently getting a blood transfusion (which is normal with what he has been thru). Right now we are praying to ward off infection. Remaining skeptically positive (is that even a term?). Infection would change this whole plan, but we aren't even going to think that way right now. The MOST amazing part of this? Our surgeon, Dr. Heddings (orthopedic) is a Christian (would God have had it any other way?)!!!!! As is Dr. Toby who will be doing the skin grafting (please specifically pray for these 2 God-sent men that have been brought to our lives). We know we are here for a reason, and we know there is something positive coming out of all of this. KEEP PRAYING-DON'T STOP!!!!!!!

November 19, 2009

Update: Jeremy is on the surgery schedule for sometime this afternoon. We have decided for sure to push forward with keeping his arm. We realize there will be a LONG uphill road in front of us, but given the 1 other alternative, this is WELL worth it! He's the strongest man I know, if anyone can get thru this, it's Jer! We are asking that you pour out your hearts right now for the surgeon; Dr. Toby that he will be encouraged with what he sees today when he goes in to clean the wound. We have NO doubts right now that God hasn't brought us this far to be done working miracles on Jeremy. Something great will come of this (more than what already has). We are doing our very best to keep the faith and stay positive, but there is a huge reality here that provides us with a different outcome. We could really use everyone's prayers, you all are amazing at what you have done up to this point for us. In HIS service, Kelly Pope print this picture off and hang it somewhere so anytime you see it, you can stop and pray for extra healing for Thomas right now, also. He's been thru so much himself in the past few days.

Any minute now, taking JEREMY back to surgery. Please stop and say a prayer.

November 20, 2009

Update: I'll praise you in the storm, and I will lift my hands. You are who you are, no matter where I am. Every tear I cry, you hold in your hand, you never left my side and though my heart is torn I will praise you in this storm. This is the only thing running thru my head right now. Surgery went well, used skin from his arm to cover most of the site. Praying for no infection, and praying God will spare us one more miracle. Jeremy is truly my hero. I will update more tomorrow, going to try and get some sleep. You all have no idea what your messages and kind words mean, keep them coming! And, if you are healthy, Jeremy LOVES company-please come see him!!!

Update: Well, nothing new to report. We are sitting here praying so hard it almost hurts. We have God on speed dial, I just hope we don't wear him out too badly. Sunday is our next "big day". We really need to keep the surgeons in our prayers. We are almost split down the middle, one being optimistic one being less enthusiastic and has a bit more of the "what's best for me" attitude. We are at a crossroads, and REALLY need to keep Jeremy's spirits up, he's 100% a fighter, and needs every single person out there lifting him up to keep up the fight. Jeremy LOVES visitors, he is on the 4th floor, unit 43, room 4301. PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE NOT SICK!!! That's the only kicker. But, if you are healthy, wash you hands and please come down! :)

November 21, 2009

Update: I wish I could have better things to say this morning, but Jeremy is getting a little discouraged right now. The wound vac isn't pulling much off the site, and he's really swollen. He's in a lot of pain, and just isn't "himself" today. He needs floods of encouragement and prayers still. I know you are all in his corner, and we do know who's ultimately in control. This might be one of his lower points, so keep him in your prayers today. Thank you for all you have done up to this point, we couldn't get thru this w/out each and every one of you!!!

November 22, 2009

Update: Just using the day to reflect and pray. Jeremy is pretty down and out right now. Hoping we can get his humor back. Tomorrow is our "big day", surgery then more decisions. He just said he's hoping something miraculous happens, so keep up the level of praying that you have been doing all week. I know they are working, I have no doubts. The Lord will prevail in this situation, no matter what!

Feeling so appreciative and thankful for all of our friends and family right now that it actually hurts. How will I ever repay you all for all you have done?

November 23, 2009

Update: Today around noon, Jeremy will have surgery #4. The "plan" is to go back in and do another wound cleaning and see how everything looks. If the swelling has gone down enough, they will attempt to close the wound a little more. He had a really rough day yesterday with the morphine, felt really sick all day, got sick a couple of times, REALLY sleepy, just all around a tough day.

Jeremy just went into surgery! Stop and say a prayer please. We really could use a boost right now. Thank you!

Update: the nurse just came out and told us the surgeon is starting the skin grafting, so sit and be patient, it will be a couple more hours. Keep the prayers coming!!!

Update: The wound has been completely covered. The skin is very tight, so over the top of that is an approx. 6x8 inch skin graft (from the top of his right thigh). There was a little dead muscle that had to be removed, and they are testing it for infection. Jer is off morphine (praise the Lord) and on Oxy. Our prayer now? (Hope it's ok that I have special requests) He will stay in his 85 degree room until Saturday and then the surgeon will come in and see if the skin graft takes. So, if the skin graft takes, they will make plans to send him home for a couple weeks. If not, we start making other plans. Right now, Jeremy needs praying that the skin graft takes, the nerves in his hand show even a minute amount of waking up, and strength. His kidneys don't like all the antibiotics, so we have stopped those for a day to see if they can get flushed out to start something else. You all are keeping me going with your positive messages, prayers and just being there. PLEASE keep them coming!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

November 25, 2009

Update: My poor husband! My heart just breaks every time I look at him right now. I would do anything to trade places with him. I am SO incredibly blessed to have such a supportive and loving church family that has done nothing short of making us feel like we have added 300 new members to our own family. I can't even put into words how I feel about all of the loving, kind, supportive things everyone has done for us these past 10 days. Where do I start? Another special thanks to NHCA! Wow! I am astounded at the amount of love and support you have all shown us also. We are forever indebted to each one of you. Jeremy is resting right now, they have finally found a good combo of pain meds that let him rest but be awake when need be and not be in excruciating pain. Right now we are still just praying that Saturday is going to be our big turning point day. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. And, please as you are with your families tomorrow, remember Jeremy and lift him in prayer. It really means a lot. The Lord continues to amaze us each day, with a better day than the one before. ♥ Kelly

Anyone still up and on, Jeremy needs prayer for comfort while he's sleeping. Now the pain meds that have taken away a good majority of the pain are giving him terrible nightmares. :( He closes his eyes for literally 3 minutes and wakes up and has had awful dreams. It might be a long night. Thank you!

November 26, 2009

Update: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Jeremy is feeling overall better today. Pain is less, dreams and sleeplessness is way up. Today, I'm thankful first and foremost for my Lord and Savior. I know that I could never have made it this far without Him to carry me thru this bump in life. I'm hopeful for the future, thanks to Him. Secondly, I'm thankful for my wonderful, loving and heroic Husband. He is my rock and without him I wouldn't be the person I am today. Lastly my Son, parents and in-laws. Wow! Amazing each and every single one of them. I don't know what I've done to deserve what I've been given up to now. Without their help and support, we couldn't have made it this far. I have to say I have been tested in every direction these past 12 days and I feel like God is paving a new path of greatness for us thru all of this. I would also like to thank all of you that have been praying for Jeremy. I know Jeremy is here only by the grace of God and YOUR prayers.

Looks like another night of nightmares for poor Jeremy. :( I wish I could make them go away!!!

November 27, 2009

update: We are less than 24 hours away from talking to the surgeon again and having him unwrap Jeremy's arm to look @ the skin graft. If things look like they are healing, he will make plans to send him home for a little bit to prepare for more surgeries. If things don't look like the dr. wants, we will have to wait and see what's next. Today we will be spending time in prayer in preparation for tomorrow.

Going to attempt to sleep tonight. Reading scripture and praying hopefully will lull me to sleep.

November 28, 2009

Update from Jeremy: After 2 weeks of intense prayer I had my 5th surgery prep today. Dr's came and opened entire bandage and decided that I did not need surgery today, and probably eliminated possibilities of one other surgery!! Everything on the arm looked (in the dr.'s words) "amazing", and "better than expected"! Dr. says we aren't out of the woods yet, but he will be going home to heal and rest for 6 weeks before possible bone fusion. Keep praying, we still have a long ways to go! Thank you Lord!!!

update: Just sitting here watching Jeremy sleep, reflecting on the past 2 weeks and all of the answered prayers and miracles we have witnessed. We serve an AWESOME God, and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for our family. We are blessed

November 30, 2009

update: SLEEP! We found it last night, for the first time in 2 weeks! PTL! Jeremy is feeling well, overall. Dr. came in and re-wrapped his arm and said everything is looking good! PTL! On schedule to go home today and rest/heal for a minimum of 6 weeks before next surgery. White blood counts are elevated, so we will see what they do for that. Maybe antibiotics will help with that? Not sure, just sitting, praying and waiting. Thank you all for your continued prayers! We will desperately need them, everyday!

December 2, 2009

update: Well, we have been home now for almost 3 full days. I'm not sure how to report in. I feel like reality might be finally hitting Jeremy, and it's rough. He's now having really bad pain from his skin graft, to add to the already terrible pain from his arm. So, anyone that's a good encourager, he could really use some extra prayers and uplifting words right now. He also really enjoys company (please come by and see him ANYTIME). He has to stay in the house for 6 weeks, can you imagine? The dr. wants him to be as cautious as possible, no reason to take any risks while the skin graft heals. Overall, I would say he... is sleeping better though, and has a good handle on his pain meds. He's very driven, and overall positive, it's just those few dark moments that he has that really worries me. I remind him to not lose sight of the "big plan" and who is still in complete control of this situation. Please, please, please pray with gazelle intensity for his COMPLETE healing, and for him to stay the course. I am so grateful to each and every one of you that have prayed and continue to pray. That gives me the strong back that I need to be able to hold him up in these down moments. Tomorrow he goes to see the surgeon again and to will also have his staples removed from his vein transplant. Pray that all is well with the dr., and we will continue to get encouraging news. Each time we go feels like the first, so my stomach is in knots. ♥ Kelly

December 3, 2009

Update: Today I will report in as being a good day! We started the day off w/a trip back to KU to see our surgeon, and he said Jeremy is looking better and better each time he sees him! PTL! Then, Jeremy showed him something he has been doing with his arm , then made the motion for the dr., and he told him that's his Radial Nerve working! WOW! Blessings and miracles all around! His nerve medicine is making him really sleepy, so we are going to try cutting that back just a little to see how it makes him feel. He's so ready for "normal", I don't know how he's going to make it 6 weeks of confinement. :) A HUGE thank you to Dale for making a house call to cut Jeremy's hair today! We have been given some very special people in our lives, we are so appreciative of the outpouring of kindness and support right now! The Lord continues to bless us every day, and we are so thankful. Thank you for your continued prayers! Psalm 116:12-14

December 5, 2009

Reflecting on all the blessings we have been showered with in the last 3 weeks. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks from the accident. What a mighty God we serve! Wow! So undeserving, yet He never stops. Amazing!

December 6, 2009

Thanks to my Mom, our house is all ready for Christmas! What a great feeling, and one happy little boy! :)

update from Jeremy: Hello from the Pope house! Doing better every day, thanks to all of the prayers. The Dr. still thinks that I need to stay inside for as long as possible. Going to try to go to church this Sunday, if the week goes good. The key to being happy when you are at home by yourself is to set achievable goals. So my goal everyday when I wake up is to use the restroom outside of my pants. LOL Just kidding. Trying to do everything in my power to get back to 100% as soon as possible. Please continue to pray, the Dr. says we're not out of the woods yet. Psalm 118:5-7

December 7, 2009

update from Jeremy: It felt great to be singing again. I sang for a group of Veterans and their families, at the Lenexa Baptist Church. As soon as I arrived I lost the color in my face and became light-headed. I sat down and told the Lord he would have to carry me through. I got on stage, was totally nervous and very pale. Thank God!!! He did it! The song wasn't perfect, but everyone seemed to like it. Praise the Lord!!! Seeing the surgeon again at 9 in the morning for a check-up.

December 9, 2009

update: Praying this evening for a restful evening for Jeremy. Big day tomorrow, 2 dr. appts. and labs. Praying also for more positive results from the surgeon. Today was a good day and we continue to drown ourselves in The Word to seek guidance and peace about the long road ahead. Lots of prayers for continued complete healing. So very thankful for all of you that continue to pray for us. Thank you! Psalm 9:1-2

December 10, 2009

surgeon says next surgery, if needed, will be 8 weeks from today. We won't know if it's going to happen until that time when they re-x-ray the arm. Please pray that the bones fuse themselves so Jeremy doesn't have to have another surgery. All labs from last week came back great and the skin graft has taken 99%. Everything seems to be improving and surgeon is pleased with his progress. So far, God has answered each and everyone of our prayers, it's amazing to watch Him work in this unfortunate situation. Hopeful for the future, and always thanking Him for what we have today.

December 12, 2009

Thanks to 2 really jolly "Secret Santas" we now have Christmas lights on our house!!! KFBC to the rescue, once again!!! ♥ you all!!!!!!

December 13, 2009

we were brave and went to Sunday School and church today! It was so great to be out and about for a little bit and see ALL of our wonderful church family that we've been blessed with! They welcomed Jeremy (and Thomas and I, too) with wide open, warm arms! Thank you for all of your well wishes and continued prayers! We love you ALL! Thanking the Lord for how far Jeremy has come in only 4 short weeks! We are blessed!

December 15, 2009

We are headed to KU to the ER Jeremy’s arm is leaking. Dr wants us down there ASAP. Please be praying!

All is well! PTL! Thank you for the prayers. We are headed home! Dr was glad we came in.

update: To clarify what went on tonight. I got home from work, and Jer unwrapped his arm saying he felt like the stitches were leaking (he has about 100 or so-maybe more). So, we took the wrap off, and sure enough, there was a little fluid on the cotton. So, I text our surgeon and he said get to the ER ASAP. Once we got there, our surgeon took all the dressings off and said everything looked great! PTL. He said sometimes the stitches can irritate the skin, so he removed about 30 of them (WOW!). Jeremy also described some pains he was having in his funny bone area and also in his hand, and the dr. said that was his Ulna ...nerve! He told Jeremy that those feelings mean that nerve is waking up, and said it would be "miraculous". So, everything is still looking great. The dr. thinks this case will end up in a book someday. We are praying now that the bone fuses on it's own so that Jeremy won't have to undergo another surgery in 8 weeks. He also needs extra prayer for comfort. He's been re-living the accident, and those details are quite disturbing. We are thankful everyday tho for what didn't happen, and we never lose sight of how blessed we are to have Thomas and Jeremy here with us, by the grace of God!

December 17, 2009

update: Today was back to the surgeon and Infectious Disease for follow-ups. Everything is still looking great! PTL! Jer might get to stop taking the antibiotics because there is still no infection and they are unable to grow anything on all the cultures they have taken! His hemoglobin count is up to 11 (it was 14 @ the first blood draw after the accident) and it is making a big difference (the higher the better)! Every day he gets more and different nerve pains, which is encouraging for him. He is requesting a specific prayer for part of the wound that is having a really hard time healing.

December 18, 2009

Wondering how far my "nurse" skills will stretch. Thomas has been throwing up since 4! Wow! It's going to be an eventful weekend for us! Please keep us in your prayers. Now my two favorite boys are down and out! :(

December 19, 2009

update: I just wanted to report in that I did an "analysis" of Jer's hand, to see if he had any new sensations or feelings going on. Just to let you know what he CAN feel (which I find amazing); if you draw a line down the middle of your forearm all the way to your wrist, he has been able to feel the left side top and bottom (palm down). He has always been able to feel his thumb and first finger. Hopefully this makes sense. SO, tonight, I had him close his eyes and he could feel all the way across his wrist (on the bottom side), his middle finger (bottom side), and all of his palm except right below his ring and pinky fingers! Thank you LORD! That is over a 50% improvement since we have been home! These are the things that keep him encouraged (with all of your prayers, too). Our prayers now are for continued nerve repair and still for that bone to fuse itself. Eph. 2:10

December 20, 2009

Man #2, down! :( Jer caught what Thomas had, so now we just pray that I don't get it. If I do, who is volunteering themselves to take over for me? Until further notice, I will be cleaning, wrapping, baking and doing whatever else I can to get ready for the week, in case I catch this nasty bug. Never a dull moment @ our house these days!

December 21, 2009

Christmas shopping and wrapping done!! Yippie! :)

December 22, 2009

Please start praying, jer is being admitted to the hospital. Will be having surgery tomorrow. More details soon.

update: Well, Jeremy went for his regular check up today. The area around the plate in the elbow area was draining. After further investigation, the plate was too close to the skin for the skin to heal. The surgeon admitted Jeremy again so the wound could be cleaned out and a muscle flap procedure can be performed. Clean out and wound vac scheduled for tomorrow, muscle flap scheduled for Thursday @ the earliest or at the latest, next Tueday. So, we are looking at another 10-14 days in the hospital, depending on if we need 3 surgeries or if 2 will do it. Please pray for the infection to stay away and successful surgeries w/little pain.

December 23, 2009

update: Well, looks like Jer is on the surgery schedule for 2:30 today. He's a fill-in, so that basically means it could be noon or 6. ha! I think we are in a numb state right now, not knowing what to expect. They should be able to tell us more after this procedure today. They will be doing a muscle flap, but we just aren't sure where they will be getting the muscle from. They will also do an angiogram today @ some point to check out the blood flow in both arms. Big day, lots of prayers and we ultimately know who is in complete control! Our specific prayer today would be that the area they are needing to cover w/a muscle flap will be on the smaller side. This will bring less pain and a quicker recovery for Jer. Thank you ALL!!! ♥

He is going to surgery right now! They moved him up. Everything went really well. Is having the arteriogram right now and should be back to his room in an hour or so. Thank you for your prayers!

update: we are back in the room. Jeremy is doing great! PTL! The anesthesiologist changed things so that he came out of surgery MUCH better this time. And, he woke up non-combative! PTL! No more procedures until Saturday. Lots of big decisions to be made between now and Monday/Tuesday as to what they will be doing next. Saturday will just be a wound vac change. Please keep praying that the surgeons will come up with a plan that includes minimal procedures and pain. We will not be leaving the hospital anytime soon. This will definitely be a CHRISTmas to remember, and a Birthday for Jer ...(on the 29th) to remember. Please feel free to visit, anytime!!! KU room 4303. We are so thankful this was caught in time, otherwise we would be in an emergency situation if the metal had poked thru the skin. The Lord is constantly watching out for Jeremy and knows exactly what he needs, when he needs it. ♥

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone from KU Med, room 4303! :) Isaiah 9:6

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! May you all have a blessed day with your family!

Anyone that would like to wish Jeremy a merry Christmas in the hospital:913-588-4303.

update: tomorrow morning (hopefully) Jer will go back to the O.R. for another clean out. He is scheduled for 8 a.m. We should have a better idea of what the week will bring after tomorrow. The surgeons are trying to decide if they should do a "flap" or just use skin/muscle/vessels that is already there to try and cover the metal. They are also tossing around the idea of going ahead and doing the bone fusion so that he "might" not have to have another surgery after this one. PTL Too many factors right now to say one way or the other what will happen. Your prayers right now could be that when they go in tomorrow they see that the wound vac has helped w/the swelling enough that they wouldn't have to do the "flap", and that the cultures still haven't grown any bacteria or infection from Wednesday. Jeremy is having a hard time not getting discouraged this time. It's hard to spend not one, but now 2 Holidays in the hospital and now his Birthday (which is Tuesday). All of the un-known’s are not helping either. We realize tho, this is definitely the absolutely best place for him now. We are so blessed to be celebrating Christmas together! Thank you for your continued prayers, we know the Lord is carrying us thru this process in the palm of his hand. This is all just part of his big plan for our lives. ♥

December 26, 2009

update: All went well this morning. Dr. was pleased when he went back in. No sign of infection and the skin is still alive @ the site they are keeping a close eye on. Now we sit and wait. Tentative date for next surgery: Wed., Thurs., or Fri. NICE! We are sure learning patience thru all of this! Thank you for your prayers!

December 27, 2009

well, 6 weeks to the day, I was woken up @ 4:30 this morning to Jeremy calling me to the bed to show me his thumb moving!!!! PTL!!! It wasn't a movement from the knuckle, but more from the forearm. But, anything is encouraging!! Looks like they might try and use local tissue instead of a flap to close up the wound, and also do the bone fusion at the same time, hopefully on Wednesday. Still waiting for the final word from our dr. So please pray that we can use local tissue and have everything completed so we can be home for the New Year. Thank you for your continued prayers for a complete healing. Psalm 20:1-5

December 29, 2009

update: Jeremy will have his next surgery Wednesday. The plan is to use his triceps muscle and stretch it down over the opening to cover the plate in his elbow area. They will then cover that with a skin graft, taken from his thigh. They will also be trying to do the bone fusion @ the same time, taking bone from his hip and putting it around the plate to fill in the gap where the bone is missing. If all of this is possible, w/out any complications, he will have to stay in the hospital another 5 days (minimum). The dr. was very encouraged w/the movement in his hand/wrist tonight! PTL Things are moving in the right direction, thank you Lord! Tomorrow is Jeremy's birthday, so we will try to make this the best birthday as possible! We are praying that when they take him in Wed they are able to do as much of the plan as possible so we can get him home and recovering

update: From Jeremy: I should be getting picked up for surgery around 6:30 am tomorrow morning. Please pray that local tissue can be used and that the bone fusion will go smooth. I will also have a drain on my hip to allow for fluids to drain off the bone fusion site. Please pray for me and my pain management, the Dr. just told me that I will prob. want to be knocked out most of the day because it could potentially hurt that bad. Thank you to everyone who has called, sent cards and messages for my Birthday! As far as Birthdays in the hospitals go, this was a good one. Jer

December 30, 2009

Surgery got moved back a little, should be coming to get Jer around 9. He's scheduled for 3 hours, give or take. The Dr. said they will take their time today, no reason to rush. I will update as often as possible. Thank you for your prayers while he's in surgery today. ♥

Still waiting. Only 2 check-in's to tell us they had started, and one to tell us they had started on the bone grafting. Last update was @ 12.

update: Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers today. Got into surgery @ 10:30, back to the room by 5. Dr. was able to use local tissue instead of a skin graft...PTL! Also did the bone grafting, which went perfect. Please continue to pray for no infection. The bone grafting has proven to be one of the most painful procedures yet. Jeremy is having a hard time moving in any way, in any direction and is taking a lot of pain medication. Hopefully this pain will decrease quickly. The Dr. says as soon as the drain comes off, he can go home. Should maybe only be a couple more days. Due to the amount of pain that Jeremy is in, it might be best if he can concentrate on sleeping and getting his pain under control Thursday. But, please feel free to come in full force on Friday to visit. 1 Peter 4:12-13

December 31, 2009

Please pray for Jeremy and me today. He's having a really rough day. In a lot of pain, feeling nauseous and can't get comfortable. We had a minor scare, ended up being ok, but now he's really worried and discouraged. I'm trying to keep his head in the game, but I'm slowly starting to lose steam. Hopefully things will start to look up as the day goes on, praying that a gust of reviving wind blasts thru here quickly!

update: Well, here we are ringing, in the New Year from KU med. Fun! :) Jeremy is still in a lot of pain. Having a really hard time getting him comfortable and situated. We have spent a lot of time praying today for his current situation. It's so painful for me to watch him go thru this. We know the Lord will continue to bless us, and we are completely leaning on Him to get Jeremy thru this. Praying tomorrow will bring another good report from the Dr., and hopefully less pain so we can work towards getting him home. There is nothing better ...than sleeping in your own bed (in my opinion). Thank you for all of your encouraging words, emails and prayers today (and all throughout). They are especially meaningful when we are having a rough day. I really do cherish each and every word. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. Happy New Year to you all! ♥ Jeremy and Kelly

January 1, 2010

update: Jeremy is feeling a little better today @ the bone graft site. He's still having a lot of pain in his arm and just asked me to have everyone pray specifically for the nerve pain. He is getting alot of new sensations and pains...PTL! They are thinking about letting him go home Sunday, if everything looks ok when they take off the bandages and re-wrap him. He's staying strong and trying to be encouraged by everything, so keep those prayers coming

January 2, 2010

We are going home! PTL!!

update: We made it home around 1 this afternoon. Just trying to get Jer comfortable. It feels like de-ja-vu from last time we came home. The ride here wipes him out, and now he can't find a good place to elevate his arm and be w/out pain. We will just keep trying until he finds the perfect spot. He will go back to the surgeon Thursday to have his arm unwrapped and checked out. Praying that he does a lot of healing and improving between now and then! All in all, it's been a good day and SO glad to be home w/just the 3 of us! Now, time to have Christmas!

January 4, 2010

update: Well, this is the end of the second day @ home. Pain is just as bad, if not worse in the hip, but my arm seems to be a little better. The movement in my wrist has dramatically improved! PTL!!! But, yesterday was prob. the worst day I have had since this all began, so hopefully what they say is true, "it is the darkest before the dawn". Please continue to pray for me and this pain. Also, I have a dr. appt. Thursday and he will be unwrapping and assessing my arm. Praying for no infection and improved healing

January 5, 2010

Please pray for Tom (Jeremy's Dad). He was just admitted to Liberty Hospital w/kidney failure. More details tomorrow when the Drs. will tell him the plan. It is looking like dialysis or transplant is the only way out, right now.

January 6, 2010

We are at liberty e.r. think j has pneumonia. Please pray!

I need everyone to pray! Jeremy has a blood clot on his lung. Admitting him to liberty. Will be on blood thinner and in icu. This is serious!

January 7, 2010

update: We are back @ KU Med, not in ICU, but in a different unit that uses a heart monitor to watch him closely. They have started him on heparin (blood thinner) and will be closely monitoring him for the next few days. I am requesting a heavy dose of prayers and a hedge of protection around Jeremy and our whole family right now. Poor Thomas was really upset that Daddy has to go back in the hospital and Mommy has to be gone. This clot is causing Jeremy a huge amount of pain that they think will take a couple of days to get under control. Thank you so much for your prayers so far!

As I sit in the hospital, thinking about our journey this far, I have to wonder. What in the world do people w/out the Lord during their times of trials? I mean seriously! We still have so much growing to do, but I can't help but imagine for a second what all of this could have been w/out our relationship with Him. Just pondering. Any ideas?

January 9, 2010

All prayer warriors out there: please lift Jeremy up. He's getting low grade temps. and is still having a hard time taking deep breaths. They have told him that the bottom of his lungs sound a little collapsed from him not being able to breathe deep because of the pain from the P.E. I just pray that there is no infection or start of pneumonia. I'm down on my knees praying that he can fight whatever is trying to invade his body right now. Praying that the Drs. won't miss a single step with him. The Lord is so good, and we are so thankful to Him for where He has brought us Thank you!!

update: Jeremy's white blood count went down 3 points this morning, PTL! Keep praying that it continues to decrease. Now for a new concern, is his hemoglobin count is down 3 points down. Please also pray for my father in law, Tom Pope. He's had 2 rounds of dialysis, that went well, but he's now fighting high blood pressure. Not sure when either will be coming home. Prayers are so powerful. Just fyi: Jeremy is @ KU, room 4609 and Tom is @ Liberty, room 213.

update: Dr. came in this morning unwrapped my arm-looks great! Thank you, Lord! Breathing is less painful today, but have to be careful to not take too deep of a breath. Drs. are still trying to come up with the correct amounts of meds to thin my blood. Please pray that my body absorbs the clot quickly and that no other clots form. Thank you for all of your continued prayers. Jeremy

January 10, 2010

update: Today was another good day! Prayers are so incredibly powerful! Jeremy is now back on a low dose (compared to what he COULD be taking) of pain meds. Doing so much better on his breathing and is therapeutic on the heparin, so should be able to stop that tomorrow. We took a walk this morning in the halls for the first time in 4 days, that was nice. He will now be on Coumadin for at least 6 months, so that will be our next adventure, going for 2-3 x's a week to have that level checked. Then back down to KU once a week to have his arm looked at, and then whatever other appointments he's... going to have to have to keep an eye on this blood clot until his body absorbs it. We are so thankful to have him here tho, to be going thru all of this, as stressful as it is at times. We know the Lord will carry us thru, just as He has this far! Keep praying for Jeremy and his strength and also that he won't have any more blood clots or complications once he can finally go home. He's really praying that this is his last admission to the hospital for a LONG time. We still aren't sure when they will let him go, they are taking their time, his Dr. is very cautious with him and isn't in a hurry to get rid of him. Thank you all for keeping us in your daily prayers, they are felt and are being answered.

January 11, 2010

update: Everything went good today. Still a little light-headed and some pain. Meds are being switched over so we can go home, hopefully in the morning. Have a combo of blood thinners that are going to work! Can't wait to surprise Thomas, we haven't told him anything so that he can concentrate @ school. Please pray for a smooth transition home and no cuts or bruises now that I'm taking the blood thinners.

January 12, 2010

Just playing the good old waiting game to get to leave the hospital. Wow! So many things to do yet, and everything seems to move in slow motion when you're in a hurry! :~)

Third time's a charm? Is that saying really true? We made it home today, and are praying that this is the last time I'll have to have that update. This is always the most discouraging part of the journey. It just zaps all of his energy and seems to take a couple days to come back from it. I still continue to be completely amazed with my Husband. He was singing his heart out on the way home, and it was the most beautiful sound I have heard! And, the fact that he manages his pain like an iron horse; Just amazing how the Lord is working thru Jeremy. He still needs lots of encouragement and prayers. Thank you! ♥ Kelly

January 14, 2010

listening to Jer sing......melts my heart and makes my ears rejoice! ♥

January 16, 2010

update: Jeremy is improving everyday! PTL! His strength is building, and overall, he's just feeling better. Life around the Pope Household has felt....dare I say it?.....somewhat normal for the past couple of days. Something we could really get used to! We continue to pray for any sign of life in his fingers, waiting on the Lord to show us what he has in store. We know it's a long road, so we are just staying encouraged by other improvements, in the meantime. Tomorrow we finally get to have Christmas with Jeremy's family! We are so excited! :~) Continue to pray for the nerves to heal and that his blood continues to remain at the correct levels to not clot

January 19, 2010

Headed to see the surgeon for a check-up. Praying for a good report. These always make us a little nervous with our previous track-record. We are home-so it was a successful appointment! :) Dr. was pleased w/everything. Some stitches and all staples were removed. Will go back in 1 week for more stitches to come out. Thank you all for your prayers!

January 21, 2010

Going to try and get a grip on this out of control house.....30 days in the hospital tends to make the piles of junk grow! :) Now, where to begin.....if anyone has a maid they want to donate for a day's work, please let me know!

January 25, 2010

Calling all prayer warriors! I have an urgent prayer request. Jeremy is having some new pains in his upper arm traveling from above his elbow up into his arm pit and down into his chest. They aren't sharp shooting pains, just something different and very uncomfortable. It isn't the normal nerve pain either, making us very nervous. Tomorrow is the appointment with the surgeon, so we are praying that everything is ok. We really don't want to have to stay. Overall he's feeling ok, no other pains outside of his arm. We just have... been thru so much up til now, and feel really nervous about #1 going to sleep and #2 going back to the Dr. tomorrow. We would really appreciate it if you could take just a second and lift Jeremy up in prayer right now. Thank you so much! I will update tomorrow as soon as we are done at the dr. office.

January 26, 2010

All stitches are out. New bone growing is what is causing pain, maybe. Getting an xray now and aren't being admitted! Won't have to come back for 6 weeks. PTL!

update: So, here is how our day panned out. Went in really nervous, came out rejoycing! The dr. removed the rest of the stitches from surgery 4 weeks ago. Everything is healing perfectly. XRays proved to be even more exciting when we were shown that new bone is growing around the outside of the plate and all in the gaps where bone was missing! All of this has happened in 4 weeks time! AMAZING! So, where do we ...go from here? Jeremy has been released to do whatever he wants, basically. But, what can he do with one arm/hand? We aren't sure. We now pray for the nerves to wake up so his fingers will start working. We go back in 6 weeks for another check-up/xray. Then he will re-evaluate the nerves and possibly do a nerve-electro-study (not sure of the "formal" word for that) of sorts, and see if he will need a nerve grafting procedure. Thanks to our Lord and all of your prayers, you might not see as many updates from me. :) Seems like we are out of the woods, and now let the waiting games begin.........PLEASE keep Jeremy on your prayer list for those all so important nerves to wake up, so he can get back use of his hand.

February 16, 2010

update: Sorry it has been so long! All is well at our house. I'm happy to report that all of your prayers are so incredibly powerful, and the Lord is still working miracles here! Jeremy has 2 new moves with his hand, one of them includes the pointer and middle fingers moving! YES! 3 months to the date (yesterday), and we have movement! We are so excited! Our next Dr. appointment will be March 9, with the Ortho surgeon. Please continue to keep us in your pra...yers. Specifically pray for Jeremy to stay encouraged and for the movement and nerves to improve. He still has no feeling in his ring and pinky fingers. The wonderful thing is, he's so determined and driven, when he gets anything new to move and all, he literally will try to make them move for hours upon hours. He's amazing! Prov. 3: 5 & 6

March 9, 2010

Thinking about tomorrow, can't sleep. Going back to the Orthopedic Surgeon, has been 6 weeks since we were last there. Jeremy has been in a lot of pain the past few days. Not sure what's going on, but he's getting somewhat discouraged. Please keep him in your prayers.

Today went well. Dr. was pleased w/his progress. He will have an EMG done on Friday-that will tell them what nerves are functioning and where, so we have a baseline to follow his progress. We are praying now for his Median nerve to wake up and start working...asap. That's what will make him grip and be able to actually use his hand. Please keep us in your prayers, this is one big emotional roller coaster! Thank you.

update: Today's appointment went well. Surgeon was pleased w/progress. Will have a nerve study (EMG) done Friday morning. That will give us a baseline to follow, so we can actually see what the nerves are doing and if they are repairing. Jer got a few exercises to start doing to keep his fingers and knuckles loosened up. We don't go back to see the Ortho now for 8 weeks. So for now, we just wait. The most important thing in the meantime, is for the Median nerve to wake up. That's the nerve that will be the "key" to... making this hand functional. We know all of this is part of a great and awesome plan, so we are trying to remain optimistic and positive with the huge amount of progress up til now. There are so many options and so much waiting involved, nothing is clear-cut at this point. We are so thankful to all of you who continue to pray for us. Please don't stop!!!

March 12, 2010

update: Today's tests well (besides the fact that it was extremely painful). We found out that the Radial nerve (controls some of the wrist movement and the extension on your fingers) is going to make a full recovery, PTL! This is what is causing the movement he currently has (see the videos posted). Secondly, the medial nerve (controls you making fist, gripping and your fingers moving individually to touch your thumb) has a good chance of recovering, PTL! And, lastly, the ulnar nerve (controls you spreading your fingers apart and the "meat" between your thumb and index finger) probably won't come back. No surprise w/the amount of damage that was done to that nerve. So, we have so much to be thankful for, yet at the same time a lot of decisions to still be made. All of your prayers mean so much, and we are so thankful. Please remember Jeremy over these next 8 weeks, he will go back to see the surgeon on May 4th. We are counting on our prayer warriors to help get us thru, keep up the good work! :-)

April 25, 2010

What a wonderful evening! We are SO blessed to have such wonderful, supportive friends and family! Over 300 people came out tonight to support Jeremy and our family! Amazing! God is so good! Thank you to everyone! We feel so undeserving!

May 10, 2010

Going to KU tomorrow for Jer's 7 week check-up with Dr. Heddings (Orthopedic surgeon) . Please keep us in your prayers. He's doing well-off all meds (pain and Coumadin) and seems to have some small improvements in his movement-but no new feeling. He feels like he has many more surgeries in his near future. Trying to remain positive and up-beat, but it seems to be hard; all prayers welcome! Ty! I am so overjoyed to report that this has been possibly our best visit ever! More details later. Thank you all so much for the support and continued prayers!

May 11, 2010

I'm happy to report that the Dr. said Jer's Median nerve (the one we have specifically been praying for) is coming back! He got out his cell phone while we were there to record the new movements that Jer is doing, to show the other dr.'s. That was so exciting! We saw a hand therapist and now the new task at hand is to get his joints moving in a extremely stiff hand. We will go back in 12 weeks for another check up. So, until then, we are praying for this median nerve to keep improving so he can eventually make a fist and maybe start using his hand. One day at a time is our philosophy. Overall, today was a GREAT appointment and just the "boost" we needed to stay the course. We know the Lord isn't finished with Jer yet, so we just keep praying! :~)

November 15, 2010

Today marks one year from Jeremy's accident. Look how far we've come! Thanking the Lord for all He has done in our lives over the last 12 months! WOW! :)